Scrap VanIt has been more noticeable over the past few years that the number of small commercial vehicles, in particular vans on our roads has increased significantly. This is probably because of more service related industries and delivery services that may be due to online sales and demand for more of these types of services. Because of the increase in online sales and demand for delivery services, companies are looking to replace their vans on a more regular basis. With the older vans likely to be floating around that people don’t want, we can offer you a cash for scrap vans service.

Due to the economic environment these days, businesses and individuals are trying hard to get the most from their commercial vehicles and improve efficiency. Because the modern day commercial vehicle is designed to be more efficient and there are more and more offers available for new replacements, companies are changing their vehicles to take advantage of the greater efficiency. In this case what do businesses do with old vehicles? They can do many things, but the sensible and ethical thing to do is to trust a reputable scrap vehicle dealer to responsibly remove and dispose of the old vehicle.

Scrap My Car Wales offer light commercial salvage services to companies and individuals. As with the scrap car service, we make arrangements to collect your old vehicle. We will take vans of all types, age and sizes, mini buses and much more. We will collect your vehicle directly from your premises and you can be sure that we will do everything we can to make sure this is as simple a process as possible for you.

Old Scrap VanWe will provide and complete all necessary documentation for you in order to comply with UK law.

We will make the arrangement to collect your vehicle when we speak with you.

If you feel this is the service you are looking for, please fill in the form below or call us TODAY on 07392297504:

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Scrap My Car Wales Primarily cover these areas of the UK.

We collect your Car usually within 48 hours or by arrangement

Scrap my car Wales and South West

Smashed cars for scrap

If you have a scrap car anywhere in the UK, we can arrange for one of our network of agents to collect your vehicle.

Even Late Model Salvage and Insurance Write Offs.

We can offer you the Best Price for your car

Remember that we take all of the scrap vehicles to a local ATF so that the scrap car can be safely recycled.

Abandoned cars, crashed cars, MOT Failures and any scrap car wanted. Removal is FREE!!

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